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Invocations For Greek Deities

There are a wealth of ancient hymns for Greek deities. Taylor’s translations of the Orphic Hymns are incredibly compelling, and the Homeric Hymns often include wonderful stories of the deities. Here, however, I am assembling more modern invocations, which are, nevertheless, congruent with ancient mythology.

Writing invocations is a type of creative exegesis. Therefore, I write invocations as a way of sharing my sense about the deities. My goal is to write one invocation for each Olympian, plus ones for Hekate and Pan, as well as a few others. This is my master list, and links will be added as work is completed.

1. For Zeus
2. For Hera
3. For Poseidon
4. For Demeter
5. For Ares
6. For Hephaestos
7. For Hermes
8. For Apollon
9. For Artemis
10. For Aphrodite
11. For Dionysos
12. For Ariadne
13. For Athena
14. For Hekate
15. For Hestia
16. For Pan

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