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A Study of Apotheosis

Human beings can become Greek Deities. This isn’t a strange or off-the-wall belief. It is an important facet of Greco-Roman mythology. Deities like Psyche, Herakles, Ariadne, Asklepios, Semele and Antinous are all examples of people born on Earth who went on to be worshipped as gods.

This project is sponsored by Ariadne, who said:

“What I want to do is to create rites which protect people from Evil Inspiration, from being dominated by divine forces for ill, and which will demonstrate to humans their value, the value of their lives, not to be sacrificed on the altar of piety. I want to teach, via mysteries, the meaning of Freedom, and how to break the shackles of oppression — through friendship, cooperation, and passion. And I want rituals that unify a human being with her Divine Self.”

Her suggestion to explore Apotheosis to gain some insight into these matters has proven very fruitful.

Here are my articles on Apotheosis:

1. The Basics. 

2. The Theological Problems

3. Can Deification Be Achieved? Can it be undone?

4. The Mortal and Immortal Personae

5.  A Ritual To Help You See Your Filter and Discover Your Self

6. A Communal Practice For Exploring The Mythic Self

7. Divine Allies and Divine Antagonists

8. The Upper and Lower Faces of Divinity

9. The Theory Behind Rituals To Unify the Faces

10. A Theurgic Devotional For Unifying The Faces of a Deity

I asked deities for some opinions when I got stuck:

Apollon: Apotheosis is Democratic

Hekate: Deities can become mortal again. The mythic self is the higher self of a human, but the lower self of a deity. Mythic reality is where gods and mortals meet. 

My goal going forward is to study the matter, and see what it can tell us about our spirituality, and what might constitute “Enlightenment” for the aspirant using this paradigm.

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