What is this?

Magick From Scratch is a blog about practice from first principles. This means taking nothing for granted, questioning everything, and building a practice which makes sense in terms of what it tries to accomplish. Presently, I am tackling how to do High Magic(k) and Theurgy from a purely polytheistic, purely Hellenic perspective. In case it wasn’t painfully obvious, this is not a Recon blog. I am not Recon. As you read my blog, you will discover that this is not because I dislike research, but rather, because I work with Greek deities.

Neither the deities as I experience them nor I want to go back to living in Ancient Greece. I don’t want to live with that misogyny and xenophobia, the male deities would like to escape being characterized as rapists, and the female deities want more options than virgin, harlot, or being one of many wives to a philandering husband.

I’m very happy to study the practices of the ancient Greeks, but I won’t be integrating them into my practice unless they suit my aim of building healthy gnosis, healthy relationships with deities and humans, and healthy spirituality.

What Tradition Is This?


You fundamentally misunderstand me if you think that this blog has anything to do with traditions handed down to me from anywhere. I am inspired by sources like the Golden Dawn, Aurum Solis, The Greek Magical Papyri, Plato, Iamblichus and Greek mythology in general, but this is my own stuff. I made it with help from peer input and ancient as well as modern texts. I made it because the traditions I’ve practiced up until now don’t do what I want them to.

So, What are you trying to do?

If you carefully read ancient texts, from any and every culture, be they histories or myths, it will become clear to you that human beings once experienced a fantastical world full of incredible, highly magical things. The reality we experience today, however, does not at all resemble the one described in these ancient texts.

We sense the lack. The fantasy genre is our on-going lament, a requiem composed in fiction for a way of being that we no longer have access to.

I, for one, do not believe that the ancients were confused, or deluded. I also do not believe that the laws of reality have fundamentally changed. We are living on the same planet. We are the same species.  Those experiences are still a part of who we are.

I have already experienced deities as physical, connected with others who have similar experiences, and cracked the mystery of why and when deities do and do not do that. My next goal is to understand how human magicians may physically manifest their own magic.

How will you accomplish that?

I believe that by studying mythology, the phenomenon of gnosis, and by experimenting with ritual techniques (and discarding techniques that don’t work), I can figure this out.

I don’t agree with you.

If you have your own ideas about how to solve this puzzle, which is very important to me, then please, by all means, share your ideas. If you disagree with my aims? I can’t help you. Maybe you should write your own blog instead of reading mine.

If you are considering being mean, please remember that your comment doesn’t show up unless I approve it.  I also have the ability to edit your comment. I reserve the right to edit your comments. If you do not want to be seen publicly professing your undying religious devotion to Wayne Gretsky, I recommend that you do not insult anyone’s religion, path, or deities here.  

On that note, if you see someone expressing an absurd religious opinion, bear in mind that it might just be me fucking with them. They already got theirs, and you don’t need to chime in with anything other than, “lol.”

Regarding hate speech. Just don’t. Again, I have the ability to edit your comments. Comments containing hate speech will have their contents removed, and that content will be replaced with informational content explaining why discrimination against that particular group of people is bad.

Ad hominem attacks on individuals will be replaced with pictures of kittens.

Spam will not be aproved unless I strip out the contact info, and replace any promotional content with love notes to Hermes. If you see comments that say “Hermes rules!” and it is by “Jenny Dinglehopper” or a similar absurd name, that used to be spam.


  1. edmooneyphotography

    Hi There,
    Thanks for taking the time to stop by my little corner of the blogosphere and for the follow.Your support is greatly appreciated. Looking forward to seeing more from you and your blog
    Have a great day, 🙂

  2. Alethea Rayne

    This blog is amazing. I happened to stumble across it when I was trying to search for different ways to channel Hermes. He seems to have the same attitude towards you as well as He does towards me. Your recent post about a channeling session with Apollon and Hermes was entertaining! Love, love, loved it. Also, I’m sorry if I put this in the wrong spot. The mobile version of this site is confusing. Blessings!

  3. Jason Lahman-Goldstein

    This came at just the right moment for me! I Googled “Apotheosis of Semele”– looking for a copy of that strange and wonderful mannerist painting of the same name and VOILA– there you were. Thank you for sharing your experiences regarding myth, practice and waking up to the wonder that is NOW- here (here Now!). What a delight!

  4. Delia Camus

    Gods, I wish I could give this a 5 stars rating!
    This is the first page of your blog that I’ve read and I’ve a feeling I’m gonna have a good time reading the rest of it. Love your style!

  5. Corbin Hrafnalf

    Hi, I was looking for an email or a way to PM you because I had something I wanted discuss and was curious about something, and you were one of the people that I thought could provide really interesting input on this.

    But, I was researching deities that had been absorbed into the Roman pantheon lately, and that includes the Greek deities as well, and I was wondering how you felt about the Roman deities in comparison to the Greek?

    So, for example, how do you feel in regards to Mercury with your close relationship with Hermes?

    Anyways, love your blog and your posts and how thought out and articulate they are!

    • Thenea

      Religio Romana was the religion of about one quarter of my ancestors. Nonetheless, it’s not a religion that ever really appealed to me, owing to how the identities of deities work.

      Mercury isn’t just Hermes. Mercury is Odin, and Lugh, and sometimes Thoth. Because of this, I almost feel like Mercury is an office, rather than a person. I would be very unlikely to try to work with Mercury as a deity. I’d call Lugh if I wanted to work with Lugh, or Hermes if I wanted to work with Hermes.

      • Corbin Hrafnalf

        That makes sense, so since so many of the Roman deities had their identities added to from deities from other religions than just Roman, they work more as an office than an individual deity?

        I’m the same way, but I’ve become really curious about how people who worship Greek and Roman deities feel about the other cultures, so thank you for your answer!

  6. calypsoaccia

    Hello! Just wanted to say that I’m so glad I found this blog. I’ve recently come out of a cult-like situation with a local pagan group at my college, and stepping out of something I identified with for a while has been incredibly difficult. I’ve always wanted to work with the Greek gods, specifically Hermes. This blog has given me renewed hope in spiritual practices and magic. I look forward to reading your next posts!

    • Thenea

      I’m sorry that you had a terrible experience with a Pagan group already. Unfortunately, every religion has its share of people trying to use spirituality as a tool to gain power over others. I’m glad that my blog helps.

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