Invocation for Artemis

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Dance, Lady, Dance!
Dance around the fire
With myriad maidens, Dance!
No pipes shall play
Nor drums be heard
The rhythm is tapped out by frenzied feet
The song is sung by pups and fawns
They sing, We call:
Come, O Artemis!

Play, Lady, Play!
Play with toys piled up
Discarded with childish ways
But never by you
Dolly and dandy paddle-ball
Set aside for darker games
Joys of hidden places
Unseen friend’s embrace
Abandoned for another pleasure
The child within us calls:
Return, O Artemis!

Run, Lady, Run!
Run with silver bow
With silent footfall
Join in the great hunt
We are hunter
We are hunted
Yours are the fish and the nets
Yours are stag and dog
We call to you as our quarry flees:
Send success, O Artemis!

Come, Artemis
Come to us
With dance
With song
With the fluttering of the heart
In waking dreams, O Guardian of Life
In stark truths, O Bringer of Death
Be heard
Be seen
Be felt
Be present
Be favorable to us
And we shall sing your names
And we shall tell of your glory
Even unto to Delos

Io Artemis!


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