I’ve finally gotten the rituals tuned right, and their impact has been really very interesting. The results below are from using the Gold Ritual as the space-defining ritual, and the Silver Ritual as the act of magic within it. Both exist primarily to accustom the unconscious mind to the idea of experiencing deities through the senses, but have had other interesting side effects.

Heightened Sensuality

This seems fairly obvious, but as a result of this work, I have become more tuned into my physical senses. Physical touch is more pleasurable, delicious food is more delicious, alcohol has a heightened effect.

Increased Ability To Turn Sensation Into Magical Energy

Shortly after doing the Gold and Silver rituals together, I burned myself. Now, I do not chalk being burned up to the ritual. I cook and bake in cast iron (because stuff baked in cast iron is delicious), and am perpetually burning myself while cooking. Yet this time, the awareness of being burned was coupled with an awareness of usable magical energy being generated.

Much More Vivid Astral Experiences

I always imagined that my astral senses were very good. I hear particularly well, and my astral senses of touch and smell are very well developed. Astral sight is reasonable, considering that I am physically nearsighted with astigmatism in both eyes (and prefer to not wear glasses unless I’m driving).

My astral senses now go to 11. There is far more detail and grit to what I am perceiving.

The Actual Goal: Experiencing Astral Stuff As Physical In A Controlled Environment

Hermes has graciously volunteered to be a guinea pig. Last night, we systematically went through the senses to see what the difference was, if any.

Hermes: Can you see me?

Thenea: Astrally. Very clearly, but very clearly non-physical

Hermes: (whispers in my ear) Sound check. Physical or astral?

Thenea: …

Hermes: (whispers again) Come on, it’s one or the other.

Thenea: I… I can’t actually tell.

Hermes: (more loudly) How about now?

Thenea: Definitely astral.

So, when the contact was very light, or very subtle, done very carefully by the deity in question, the sensory input can be mistaken for physical.

I definitely think I am on the right track. A good thing for me to work into these rituals for less experienced practitioners is an emergency off-switch.

I’ll work on that.