To Hera

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To Hera, I Sing
Burning brilliance in the heart of the Sky
O Lone Queen of Heaven
O Mother of Fire
Harken to my prayer

Luminous genius
Crafty and cunning
You kindled, unaided
The power of flame:
Hephaestos of glorious skill

A beauty without equal
There is none to compare you to
When gods hymn the beauty of the dawn
On mornings when shining, tumbling streams of gold
Alight upon the rosy curves of clouds
It is your name they invoke.
And when dark drops of amber
Are polished, pure and perfect
What can be said of them?
Your eyes are of richer hue.

Yet you are no flower
Blossoms wither
You are immortal
Petals are fragile
You are resplendent in might
Lo, even Kronion, who raises up gods from dust
Fears your judgement
At your right is Ares
War bound in duty to your hand
At your left is Eris
Chaotic discord at your beck and call

Yet you sit in the highest heights
On your throne in calm repose
Blessing those who embrace love through commitment
Honoring those who honor their vows
Rewarding fidelity with resplendent peace

Bring peace, O Hera, to my household
Temper passion’s fire with restraint
Calm my heart’s tempest and storm
That I may,
At long last,
Unburdened by selfishness,
Rest in love sublime.

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