An adaptation of an invocation for Hephaestos used at a recent Pandemos devotional. 

To Hephaestos we call,

Virgin-born god of fire,

Whom the Queen of Heaven kindled in her womb,

Unsewn by any man or god.

God of invention,

Like all inventions, you were spurned,

But at length, no god could bear to live without you.

Strange-looking and indispensable,

Fierce-shining son of Hera, be present with us.

Come Hephaestos

Come, O Fire

Come, O Invention

Come to us like burning inspiration and insight

Glorious God of smelted metal and glass

Tamer of electricity, which is like unto fire

Reverent are we who cradle your progeny in our pockets

Grateful are we, whose tables you have filled with plenty

Lame god, able beyond measure

Come to us, with your countless, brilliant gifts

God whom Love betrayed, come to us, for here you are beloved

The age has come, the adoration of the masses is yours

The throngs of your faithful sleep beside the doors of your temples

Your priests are sleepless with devotion to you, within your inner sanctum

Be present and inspire us with with your genius

Be present and give us your right arm’s strength

Reveal yourself yourself to us, as your holy name is called

Io Hephaestos!