Many people express the notion of relationships with Deities as not being a choice. This is valid. However, I feel that, less frequently discussed is the spiritual experience of those who hold Spiritual Freedom as sacred. Having no choice doesn’t necessarily mean that your experiences of the divine are any more intense or valid than those who chose their deity. Herein, I explain my feelings on the subject. 

Do not say you see me

If you see me as property

Do not say you see me

If you see me as some deity’s chattle

I love myself

And to be myself

I must belong to me.

My strength comes from passion

My passion is a child of conviction

Conviction has no meaning without choice

Did He choose for me?

Then my convictions are meaningless

My passion lies dead

I cannot love

And I have nothing to give Him

Because I am not anything.

What rich man empties his wallet into the street?

What landed gentry sets fire to his own crops?

Do you call my God a fool?

If I will be at all

Then I will be free.