To Hestia

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Hail Hestia! Hail to you!
Hearth and home, in mind forever
First and Last

To you is sacred the kindling of the flame
To you is sacred its smothering
The beginning of the feast and its end
The fire of the hearth is your bomos
The set table is your altar
An open door, your favored service
Harmony sweeter than any offering
Fellowship more desirable than incense

Your chair is not made of gold
You are not girdled in splendor
Modesty is your crown
Kindness, your adornment
Chastity, your spear
An oath of virginity, your armor
Tales of your cleverness
You would not tell
For good will is more precious
Than power or honor

Ever-present Hestia,
May the door of my home welcome many guests
May my hearth fires never grow cold
Bless me with the spirit of your generosity
Make my heart content
Let me not undo good will for honor
Nor choose cruelty because of my portion
Instead, guide my heart
That a word of welcome should forever be on my lips
And gentle humility may rule my heart
Hail, Hestia!

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