Come, fennel-shaker, come!
Come with the cry of Euoi!
With a thousand feet like the Earth-shaker
Up out of the sea with rapturous shout!

Breaker of Boundaries, Come!
The boundaries are our bonds
Break them!
High from low
Break them!
Nation from nation
Break them!
Human from human
Break them!
Human from animal
Break them!
Living from dead
Break them!
Sacred from profane
Break them!

Many-formed One, come!
With lion’s ferocity
With bull’s strength
With serpent’s wisdom
With goat’s leaping nimbleness
With snake’s unending waves
With bumblebee’s unsteadiness

Come to us, O Dionysos
Bring to us the sweetness of wine and dance
The ecstasy of hidden pleasures
The mysteries of the soul
That the Bacchic shall revel
Set us free, Loose our bonds
Then shall we raise the thyrsoi
And shout your name in triumph.