Manifestation: Invocation of the Consensus

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In previous articles, I have discussed The Consensus, or the collective unconscious minds of the people with whom you share a community (or locality) have a very powerful influence on how magic or theurgy manifest for you, or, indeed, if they manifest for you at all. This invocation is meant to invoke the spirit of humanity, and of your community, so that you can get a sense of where it is at and perhaps negotiate.

I call to woman
I call to man
I call to those who are neither woman nor man
And those who are both
I call to all thinking, living beings.

I call to rage
I call to love
I call to human hope
I call to desperation and fear

You, humans from the Seven Continents
You, the only creatures upon the Earth who build temples
Yours, the only hands which carve icons
You, the progenitors of religion, I call

I call to to friend
I call to foe
I call to stranger lurking, watching
I call to lovers
I call to those consumed by hate
I call to those who strive for peace

I call to the spirit of my community
You are the elders whom I respect
You are the students in my charge
You are the peers in whom I take comfort
You are my mothers and fathers
You are my children
You are my sisters and brothers.
I am one of you
So lend ear to me,
As you should want one to lend ear to you.

I speak to you as one
The voice of the people is one
I recognize your authority
Thus, recognize my petition:

[Herein, state your goal, and listen attentively to what is said.]


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