Some Ideas about Gates in the Crossroads Ritual

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I started with this clipart keystone archway. I’d credit the source, but it was a phishing website that wiped out my whole computer.

I think the Crossroads Ritual is good as is is, but I realize the usefulness in having a separate gate-opening ritual widget.

The first thing that occurred to me was that other work I had been doing on the Gates of Mythological Consciousness might be useful in tandem with this ritual.

I also considered something about Polytheism, generally, and thinking of the metaphor presented by Hestia in this piece, I decided to create images of the Gates based upon a keystone arch.

This secondary ritual would be complementary to the Crossroads Ritual, filling in some holes, if you will, and creating a deeper connection to the mythological realms in which deities and other beings present in mythology reside.

The ritual, which I’ll call something like the Gate Opening Ritual, will consist of four major components. Firstly, the images of the gates, secondly, invocations to the gates according to their natures, thirdly, the connection of said gates to the center, and lastly the opening of a Triangle of Manifestation in the center of the room.

The Gates, it occurred to me, should be simply to envision, and they should borrow from the colors of the three forms of Hekate.

Between Sea and Land: The Gate of Styx, or the Gate of Nightmare — Because most of us tend to fear the unknown.
Between Sky and Land, the Gate of the Prosgeoi, of the Gate of Trials — The gods bring change where they are near. 
Between Sea and Sky, the Gate of the Athanatoi, or the Gate of Hope. We often look to the immortals for signs of hope.

I need to write some invocations. Before I do that, however, it would be good to go and give a phonetic breakdown of the Greek I used in the other ritual.

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