Test Drive of the Cross Roads Ritual

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So, I finally found time to carve out a ritual space in my (relatively) new apartment to test the draft of the Crossroads Ritual. On the whole, I think it went very well, though the energies were not exactly what I expected.

On the Fly Changes:

I was just not feeling the ritual tools, today. Anyway, I reasoned, if people were going to try this at home, they’d want the smallest possible overhead.

I set up three altars, for Land, Sky and Sea, which is congruent with my not-so-Greek workings.

Temple Set Up

I went for extreme minimalism with the altars. It was essentially a glass container on each altar.


For Earth, the container was filled with stones.


For Sea, the container was filled with salt water.


For Sky, it was empty, or full of air, rather.


For my stones, I decided on seven, not six. Since I had a set of stones for the chakras, I used that.


My cat got in on the act. She was present and completely distracting for the entire ritual, being, as she was, completely under foot the entire time.

Reaction: Prayer of the Cross-Roads

The effect was extremely centering. This wasn’t what I was expecting, but should not surprise me, since the theme of the prayer is “all roads lead back to the center.”

Reaction: Hekate’s Images and the Gates

It is confusing hailing East first, and having no image there, since it is the Athanatoi, and not Ouranos in the East. That totally threw me for a loop, despite the fact that I knew that the altars were where the images should go. The first ritual gesture is to open a gate.


Which brings me to point two, in this post, I talked about the Gates of Mythological Consciousness. Properly, those gates should really go between the images of Hekate, and not at them.


I also though a lot, as I was doing this, about my triangle of manifestation, and how I wished I had a rug with one printed on it, and with each side facing its appropriate altar.

I am perfectly sure that if I did this ritual, a gate opening, and drew the triangle spiral open, that any invocations I did thereafter would be epic and killer.

Reaction: Hermes and His Stones

This felt very good, especially with the gesture I had selected for picking up the stones, which made it feel, to me, like each stone was a treasure that I had specially selected.

Reaction: Second Prayer of the Cross-Roads

The ritual did feel neatly tied up after this. The energy continued to build as I sat just outside where the crossroads had been defined, and felt, for lack of a better description, very tied up in the heart area.

Steps Going Forward

This needs a phonetic breakdown for all the words. I also want to write up the gate opening. I think that may be a useful and important practice going forward.

Edit: After 12 hours, the energies invoked had mostly dissipated. This might be a good opening to a ritual, but does not function as an inauguration of a permanent ritual space.

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