I am loathe, of course, to base anything in my practice entirely on gnosis, but I have to give credit where credit is due. This bit of tech was suggested to me by Hekate.



Using a triangle to help focus magical energies has a precedent, of course. You can see examples of this in Solomonic Magic, Martial Arts, and in the Philosophus and Practicus grade signs of the Golden Dawn. This is no surprise. There are three alchemical principles, which describe the mystical make-up of the cosmos. Three is the most stable number of table legs. Three is the easiest number to of things to remember, and things grouped in threes are more easily memorized. A triangle is the two dimensional form made up of the fewest number of straight lines. Again, three.

The Golden Dawn Grade Signs: realmagick.tripod.com
The Golden Dawn Grade Signs: realmagick.tripod.com

The triangle spiral catches the energies which move clockwise around the temple, and focuses them. Around the outside you see, in Greek, Thalassa, Ouranos and Gaia. These Protogenoi describe the three components of the living world. They are blood, breath and bone, life force, mind and body, or things that swim, things that fly, and things that walk or crawl.

Placed in the center of a working space, it is an excellent place to empower a talisman, stationary god form, or whatever else you want to focus and give power to.

Why not try it out and tell me what you think?