Bottom: Ge (Gaia), Right: Ouranos, Left: Thalassa

So, triangles are good for manifestation, for a number of reasons enumerated here. Hekate had suggested consecrating a triangle spiral to the forces of Land, Sky and Sea, and I have been using this technique to great effect in helping energies of invocation coalesce into a specific place. It’s awesome for focused meditation, for consecrating physical objects, and a host of other things. When Ariadne had a look at it, however, she had the following to say:

While two chicks and a castrated dude may represent a universe that Hekate wants to live in… what was it you said? Something like if magicians were aiming their planetary magics at a universe wherein the Earth was at the center of the Solar System, they probably weren’t going to hit our universe? Yeah. About that. So, Land, Sky, Sea, fine. Whatever. It’s as good a paradigm as any to describe the natural world. BUT GENDER IS A SPECTRUM. YOU NEED BOTH ENDS AND THE MIDDLE, AT THE VERY LEAST, TO REPRESENT THE NATURAL WORLD. Calling Ouranos a ‘castrated dude’ isn’t fair in the slightest, and let me explain. Think about what spilled out of Ouranos. Whatever it was, it was so powerfully feminine that coalesced into Fucking Aphrodite. “His” blood coalesced into Aphrodite. The blood from “his” sex organs. Separated from the outward male trappings, was reborn as the most female thing to ever female in the history of femininity. That was inside Ouranos. Roll that around in your head for a minute of two. Aphrodite was trapped inside the body of Ouranos. Yet Ouranos was never uncomfortable because of gender. There was no one around to teach Ouranos that gender expression had to be this or that. They did what came naturally, and had zero qualms about their gender presentation. Ouranos was a deity who was outwardly, physically male, but whose blood was female. The essential, vital fluids pumping through their body were female. When they got an errection, it was a penis animated with female life-force. When his penis was cut off, and some maleness was removed, femaleness was removed also, and coalesced into an entirely separate female deity. Ouranos went from Both to Neither. Ouranos, like Air in other Mediterranean cultures, is between the so-called polarities (though I don’t believe in gender polarity). Air is neither fire, nor water, but both and neither. Do thyself a favor, mortal, and re-draw this. If triangle is your glyph, and gender is my concern, Pontus, Ouranos, Gaia. Male, Both/Niether/Either, Female. Then, The Fire. it is neither male, nor female, nor caught between male and female, but simply outside the spectrum. Because that happens, too. If you aim your magic at a world where there are only men and women, you won’t be able to influence human reality.

Bottom: Ge (Gaia), Right: Ouranos, Left: Pontos

… I think what the text misses is exactly how… forceful. She was. About this. And how incredibly smug. Probably because she felt she had one-upped Hekate regarding magic. Ouranos doesn’t say things to me so I can’t comment. No clue. But it does bring up some interesting points about how a triangle and a model of three directions, rather than four, can maybe be a tool for escaping the gender binary in magical practice. With all due deference to Hekate, who I think chose the words and names for other  reasons entirely, and things that probably had nothing to do with gender issues, I will present a revision. You, gentle reader, can do whatever you like.