I channeled this from Ariadne a while ago and sat on it, for reasons that will become apparent, no doubt, when you read it. A stupendous amount of synchronicity and much nudging prompts me to publish it today.

All things end.

Everything you have ever accomplished and everything you will ever build is destined to be destroyed.

The temples you build will some day be ruins. The stories you write will be eaten by the sun.

One thing alone will remain: the souls of the people you wronged or did right by.

The mountains are temporary. The sea is temporary. The sky is temporary.

Culture, religion, politics? Like the batting of an eyelash.

Your sins against the powerless are eternal. The people you stepped on to accomplish your empty, temporary aims will remember you forever, even if not by face or name.

Tell me again how the ends justify the means! Tell me more about how the people you hurt in your path to building your ephemeral empires are ‘collateral damage.’

You are like children with guns. You have power. Oh yes, you have power. All the power in the world can’t accomplish goodness unless you know what goodness is.

And you don’t. And you think no one can stop you.

Dear idiots with political, mystical and magical power who are hurting my dear ones:

I am coming for you.

Like the butterfly’s wings that flap up
a monsoon half a world away.

I am coming for you.

Have fun with your little sandcastles while you may, Ozymandias.