Gate of Nightmare: Descent to the Underworld

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Here, the fear of the unknown is addressed through the intercession of Hekate and Hermes. Addressing the Gate of Fear, the aspirant poetically invokes the descent to the Underworld, common to many Greek Heroes

Down by the river
All made of bone
The Gate of Nightmare
Stands alone

Three-headed hound
With dripping maw
Threatens an end
By tooth and claw

The River Red,
The River Cold
Has swallowed souls
Timid and bold

Bleached white skull
With empty eyes
The only truth:
Everyone dies.

Oh Proplyaia,
Raise your fire
Cast saving light
On shores so dire

So I may see
Beyond that gate
And catch a glimpse
Of dead men’s fate

And Khrusorrapis
With golden staff
Return me safe
O’er winding path

That having glimpsed
That gate of bone
I shall return me
Safely home


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