The Gate of Trails: The Testing of a Hero

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Each hero in Greek mythology must face a critical trial. In our own lives, trials are generally many, and small. In this poem, the aspirant poetically invokes the journey and struggle common to Greek heroes, and asks Hekate and Hermes for appropriate struggle as well as success.

The Moon is Silent
In Blackness Deep
Over a mountain
Where troubles sleep

Below that summit
Where beasts await
All rusted iron
There stands a gate

Up to the gate
A way foot-worn
And by this path
Are heroes born

The way is steep
With peril fraught
By all the great
It will be sought

Oh Propylaia
Open the gate
That we shall fight
And know our fate

For only them
Who face their doom
Shall pass that gate
And touch the Moon.

And Khrusorrapis
Against all odds
Let us survive
And know the gods

For only them
Who live through strife
Shall ever touch
Eternal life

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