The Gate of Heaven

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This is the final piece in a series of liturgical bits for a larger ritual for opening the gates of mythological consciousness, to be used in conjunction with the Crossroads Ritual

The experience of encountering the gods directly, and facing the illusions, terror and confusion which sometimes result before the understanding of the experience crystalizes, is the final gate of mythological consciousness. It represents the Pagan version of what Christians refer to as, “Grace.”

Inky darkness
Blinds the soul
There is no light
In this deep hole
There is no help
No path to find
And no way out
From cage unkind
Grope the darkness
Yet find no clue
No foe to fight
Except for you
Then sting and burn
On tender eyes
Sears darkness there
And terrors rise
Visions bright
And colorful
The winding snake
The leaping bull
When visions clear
A face is seen
With kindly eyes
So bright and keen
This is your choice
And choose you must
The path of doubt
Or path of trust
Darkness chokes
The pain of light
But with fire comes
All wisdom’s might
For what you hear
And what you see
Brings you knowledge
And sets you free
So follow Them
To greet your fate
And thus shall open
Heaven’s Gate

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