People get so worked up, wondering if they have suffered from spiritual harm. Get downright paranoid about it. Lemme give you a basic guideline:

Has the event or experience in question made you into more of an asshole?

Because, really, that’s what spiritual degeneration amounts to. It is the process of becoming a self-centered asshole. It is the process by which you forget to relate to others with forgiveness, helpfulness, love and kindness.

The greatest spiritual power is the power to be an empathetic friend to all people. Life tries to rip that away from you.  It tries to trick you into thinking that there is some road to happiness paved with shanking others in the gibbet, or stepping on people’s heads. That’s a road, alright, but not to happiness. And not to spiritual power, either.

Stay right with your fellow human beings. If you do that? Any god you aren’t right with isn’t worth being right with.