Ariadne’s Axe: How to Choose a Patron

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Do not choose a god according to their might. Might is vain, transient, and does not lead to rightness.

Nor should you choose them according to which of them seems most likely to exist. Simply existing is no assurance of goodness.

Rather, ask of your heart, “What is your unreasonable wish?”

Ask the same of the hearts of gods. When you find that god whose wish is your wish, then your hearts will be like one heart, and your mission will be one mission.

Serve none unless this is true.


    1. I love working with this particular goddess. Every time she speaks, I resist the temptation to follow it up with *drops mic and walks off stage*

      1. Hey! A thought popped into my head the other day: would you ever write a devotional book to Ariadne? Or just publish pagan writing in general? Your work is incredibly accessible and would be great for a wider audience.

      2. Why thank you! I hadn’t considered writing a devotional book for Ariadne. My blog is more a scrap-book of what I consider to be ill-polished ideas, ones which I hope others will pick up, modify or otherwise run with.

        I think I have some deep theological ideas I need to sort, before I can present an actual book full of stuff that makes sense together. Maybe in the next couple of years.

        We’ll see!

        In the meantime, I take requests for blog posts, if there’s something you’d like to see me write more about.

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