Words from Hermes: “It does’t matter how far you have wandered”

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You may have wandered far. Said many things you regret. You may think there is no way back from what you have done.

Look, kiddo. Whatever you’ve done, I’ve done worse. God-level mischief puts your mortal-mischief to shame.

I’m the god of the lost. No matter how far you have wandered, I can still find find you. No matter what you’ve said, I forgive you. For me, no person is irredeemable, no mistakeĀ unforgivable, no situation too hopeless.

There is always a way back home.

Have your people call my people, and we’ll talk.


  1. Been feeling lost for a few days now, truthfully. Though I could feel a hint of Loki affirming Hermes words too. Innumerable thanks to you and he and Hermes!

    A few years ago I made some very bad decisions when I was stuck in a deep rut of depression. I drown in jealousy, connected to very not good people, I lied intensively, gravely, terribly dramatically, I cut, beat, and cussed myself masochistically, nearly faked a suicide when I was devastatingly angry and upset and did not know how to release the intensity of what I was feeling (I was born a Scorpio but a Scorpio who had no way of emotional and mental release, especially when I did not know what empathy was and that I was worthy of any form of redemption.) and I broke innumerable hearts and emotionally hurt those who truly cared…One of whom died in an accident before I could apologize physically *blinks softly*….His death devastated me…but even in the devastation of his passing, it brought me closer to my loves, and closer to facing myself. The good, the ugly and the very “bad” which was sourced from intense woundedness from my childhood, empathic receptivity and a grave karmic pattern I inherited from the womin who gave birth to me, although she never raised me.

    I’ve felt deep fear of not feeling worthy of happiness, love, beauty, blessings, because of these mistakes…kinda like a person repenting at church for “sin”. because of the poor actions I made before….However: It’s been two years now, and even when I’ve gone down fighting several several times.. I would never go back. But cherish the connections and the wisdom of the deep scars. Even the unforeseeable blessing of the love one who passed with my niece. I’m grateful to have made it so far, even though I’ve bled with regret these past few days from memories. I do not wish to drown again…rather I’d rather heal again,myself and those who were affected…I choose love…divine love especially. Even when it tenderly hurts in realization…that everything will be okay in the end: new beginning.

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