Not because I’m inexperienced, but because I don’t know absolutely everything, I need clergy. Everyone needs something different, of course, and I’ve decided to express my own needs, somewhat jokingly, as a job posting.

Magick From Scratch is looking for honest, reliable Polytheist clergy with excellent social skills, to be paid on an hourly basis. 

Clergy Job Responsibilities:

Live, in-person or online sessions, discussing spiritual issues, performing evocations, doing divinations, and familiarity with spiritual issues common to Polytheists.

Clergy Job Requirements:

  • Fluent in several ways of expressing the same concept
  • Understands religious dogmas and beliefs as languages
  • Understands emotions as being the responsibility of the human or deity having said emotions
  • Familiarity with Greek and Roman Pantheons — knows the differences between them
  • Understands what deities value, rather than having memorized the favorite food or hat size of each one
  • Passionately supports a culture of consent
  • Has had at least one negative encounter with a deity, and has peacefully resolved said encounter in some way that did not involve either submission or calling a higher authority as the main tactic for conflict resolution.
  • Ability to understand not just which techniques do what, but what makes them tick
  • Values humans as sacred beings in their own right
  • Values Hospitality as a sacred virtue, and sees Hospitality and Inclusion as being deeply related.

Clergy Qualifications:

Kindness, empathy, psychic acuity, sense of humor, problem solving skills