Book Update: Everything Takes Longer Than It Does

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Right now, I have a manuscript which is complete, but needs revision. I’m rectifying citations, fixing incongruities, ending sentences that were left hanging, fixing the grammatical as best as I am able, and trying to smooth out tone.

It is the most boring thing which I have ever done in my entire life. My brain literally started spewing vampire erotica in self defense.

Me: I really need to finish revising my apotheosis book.

My Brain: But don’t you want to find out if the Spaniard kills your protagonist’s lover? Also, let me explain to you the metaphysics of how vampires get boners.

Me: Thanks, brain.

In all seriousness, I really do want to find out if my protagonist’s lover gets killed by the Spaniard. It’s sort of weird how I don’t know yet, but that’s cool. I am still working on my book, and it will take however long it takes to get a (relatively) clean manuscript.

I’ll post again when I’m done with that, and then I need to either contact a publisher, or get on with type setting and publishing through



  1. Funny, I’ve been actively procrastinating against doing any actual writing by editing the crap out of what I’ve already written. I find it enjoyable. 😀

    Also, yay apotheosis book, yes, do that. Finish that.

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