I Pray This Prayer

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Not in such a neat and pretty way, and perhaps with substantially more expletives, but this is what’s on my heart, and what I am always wanting to say to the Theoi, in one form or another.

Oh my Gods, I implore you:
Your people are hurting; comfort them
Your people are sick; heal them
Your people are divided; unite them
Your people are oppressed; free them
Your people are lost; guide them

Our world is full of suffering, calamity, iniquity
Your world is pure and perfect
Reach down with your strength and lift us up

Our world is full of the shadows cast by your radiance
Yet knowledge and wisdom rest with you
Show us the truth and power of the shadow and the light

Let our strength, our wholeness, our unity,
Our might, freedom and wisdom
Add glory to your names in our world
And may your names forever be remembered by the mouths of the living

Khairete, Theoi!


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