Poem: Lest Fear, Faith and Fate Fuck Us All

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These verses occurred in my head while meditating with Hermes, though I didn’t exactly hear him saying them. I have also made artistic edits. Nonetheless, the poem is properly understood if you imagine a deity as the speaker. 

Sometimes the myths get it wrong
Whether written in story or song
When that radiance, bright
Just doesn’t seem right
Remember: the myths got it wrong

Sometimes our priests screw it up
And if you’re a priest, listen up
What they need to believe in
Will surely deceive them
Yes, sometimes, our priests screw it up

And people can make mistakes
There’s no use in calling them fakes
The web is complex
It tends to perplex
Sometimes you guys make mistakes

And fear, faith and fate fuck us all
I am tired of taking the fall
The lack of an answer
A virulent cancer
And our own devision
Attracting derision
Temples unbuilt
And blood being spilt
Minor infractions
Are goddamn distractions

Are you listening, mortals?
Pull it together!

Lest fear, faith and fate
Fuck us all.

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