Writing My Book on Apotheosis

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I have begun to write the first chapter of my book on apotheosis. My working title is, “The Path to Apotheosis.”

I toyed with the idea of just bundling up my blog posts on the subject and putting them out as a volume, but I found that as I was re-reading those posts, my understanding has deepened considerably since writing them. Consequently, it seems like a much better idea to write new content, organize the information better, explain things more completely, and revise a lot of the existing content.

I don’t know how long all of this will take. Since the research has already been done, texts identified and exact passages worked out, most of the work is in simply explaining how the text connects to the concept being explored in a given chapter or section.

I’m realizing that the practices also need to be revised, or perhaps expanded, because my original rituals took into account fewer parts of the soul and fewer stages in the process of apotheosis.

As a consequence of the work that I’m doing on this book, my blogging will be a little sparse for a few months. I’ll post periodic updates as I hit major bench marks in completing the manuscript.

Thank you for your patience.


  1. That happened to me when I wrote my godspouse book. I was going to compile blog posts, and then it became obvious that I either had a more nuanced understanding of something, or I wanted to go into more depth, etc. It was more like the blog was the bones of the project than the project itself.


  2. since I forgot my word press password I cannot use it to comment. I just have to say how much I get out of your posts, most especially the times you bring messages from Hecate, or Hermes or another Deity.

    I will admit I am more a mystic witch than ritualistic, so I carefully read through your rituals and accept that unless I am told to do so I will most likely never do them. But they fascinate me none the less.

    I do my daily offerings which now include Khernips, thank you very much. I also do a dark of the moon ritual to Hermes and Hecate, but that is about it. I do a lot of Reiki and the Gods know how much support they give me or I would not get out of bed.

    I just really wanted to say thank you and good luck on that book. I am certain it will benefit many people.

    1. Thank you so much. I am glad to hear that you are getting stuff out of my posts.

      Admittedly, not everyone is a ritualist, and not everyone needs to be. For me, as a person who suffers from a touch of ADD, it is useful to be able to have my practice stimulate the senses and to express more complicated intentions by using places or objects as placeholders. It feels viscerally more satisfying to me. For other people, it’s a hassle and a pain, and adds nothing to their sense of satisfaction with their practice, even when they become very good at it. My (mortal) husband is a really great example of this. He’s a highly skilled practitioner in the Golden Dawn tradition, a wiz with initiatory formulae, and can put together powerful rituals better than anyone I know… but he stopped practicing at some point because he got more out of simple prayer, and that’s all he does now. He’s happier and healthier that way, and it’s fostered a better connection between him and his deity.

      TL;DR: YMMV, when it comes to ritual.

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