Dionysos: You Can’t Decide What’s Right or Wrong Based on Consequences

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Dionysos: “You can’t decide what’s right or wrong based on consequences. Freedom is fucking expensive. Justice is fucking expensive.

Standing up against an establishment that wants to take away from you your right to express, your right to object, your right to choose what is right for your body and soul is expensive.

If you do not stand up, if no one stands up, the number of victims will be without limit.
To stand alone is futile.

Therefore: Stand together. Stand with me. Stand as one so that in Heaven and on Earth there will be no more evil Titans or Devils attempting to rob the living of their Life.

You are tired? You want peace?

Sometimes, the cost of Peace is too great. Peace is overblown. Peace means that no one is resisting. Peace means letting things be — even if what we are letting be is colossally unjust.

Has making an uproar become taboo? Does it make you uncomfortable?

Then it has become my sacrament.”


    1. Thank you for that. I was finding that part of the message problematic. I value peace, as do most people. I think sometimes he chooses his words to get a rise out of me.

    1. He can definitely be that way. But he’s a god of liberation and frenzy, too.

      I always sort of had this notion that it would be great to get people with varied experiences together to kind of… I dunno… pool the energies of the various aspects of a deity together.

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