Hermes Hymns a Lad

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Moonlight in his eyelashes
Moonbeams caught up brightly in blond curls
Hermes, naked but for a cloak, sits
Looks down at the sleeping lad
Soft skin, dark hair
First blossom of a beard
“Woe to me,” said the god,
“That age should take such beauty:
Shapely thighs I so desire
Capped by dimpled cheeks I’d not dare touch
Full and rosy lips I long to kiss
The heart that beats within me
Would take you up to my bed
And keep you with me forever.
Your beauty would be deathless
I would do you no dishonor,
But rather, by day
Sit you beside me at every feast
That the gods should stare in envy.
By night,
Gather you up in sweet embrace.
Alas, it’s not to be.
You belong to another god.”

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