A Statement of Values

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A statement of Hellenic Virtue and Values. Much more coherent than that rant I let loose with.

Bay Area Hellenic Communities

Hospitality: Our Doors are open.

Hospitality is a major value in all ancient cultures including for the Norse, the Celts and the Greeks. Some might argue that it is the foundation stone for all Indo-European religion.

In the ancient Greek stories, Zeus would disguise himself as people whom society had marginalized to test the virtue of would-be hosts. If we fail to be welcoming to someone, or fail to create safe space for someone, for any reason other than a direct abuse of our hospitality, we fail to do so for the King of Gods.

Offering hospitality, in ancient Greece, meant more than food or drink. If a person needed clothes because the journey had been rough, or a bed to sleep in, these, too, were provided. Hospitality means seeing to a person’s needs and comfort.

Creating a safe space does not simply mean ignoring factors like ancestry, where someone…

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