Prayers for Protestors — Crown of Hellas

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I find myself in a difficult situation right now. What I want to be doing is taking to the streets with my community to help raise up the voices that our power structures ignore, but I’m also helping to raise a small human who needs all of their adults present. I’m doing what I can […]

Prayers for Protestors — Crown of Hellas

These protests are important because there have got to be consequences for the injustices in our society, for the institutionalized imbalances of power. When the law is used as a hammer against the already disempowered and oppressed, when rampant abuses of power go unchecked in our society, this is evil. To fight this evil, yes, with violence, is a good thing.

I, likewise, am parent to the very same small child spoken of in this post. I cannot be out and protesting, either.

May these protests be costly. May those presently in power find that it is more expensive to ignore these voices than to correct the injustices. And to the white supremacist nazi pieces of trash who read my blog: you aren’t welcome or safe here. Respond with any of your bullshit and I will straight up fucking curse you.

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