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I have the following thanks to give, to Hermes in particular:

Thank you for quietly walking with me and demanding nothing during that time when I didn’t want a worship relationship with deities.

Thank you for the infinite patience you extended to me. Thank you for spotting me train fair, and helping me find my wallet and my phone over and over and over again.

Thank you for telling me to stay with my husband and to move to Cali, even though I know you find him extremely annoying. If I had stayed in the Northeast where I had bronchitis every Oct-April, Covid might have killed me.

Thank you for making sure that I had enough money to stay healthy and safe, and even to have a child.

Thank you for my wonderful house that you found for me below market price in the most expensive place to live in the entire state, with its improbably big back yard that couldn’t be subdivided or have structures on it, so that we could basically only use it for hanging out in and raising food on.

Thank you for my Zoe, whom you hand delivered to the same town I was living in.

Thank you for my jobs, which will shortly make me financially independent.

For the forgiveness you extend to me when I’m being kind of a butthead, for the gentle guidance toward being a better person, for expanding my horizons in every way that matters, thank you.

And during this time when I know you’ve been busting your ass psychopomping the dead and extending a sheltering wing over the homeless, thank you for still taking the time to check on me, and poke me, and remind me to engage in appropriate self care.

And to Apollon:

So, like, in February, before anyone told us that Santa Clara County already had an outbreak of Covid, we were unaware, and therefore we were out in public, doing rituals, sharing cups of wine with random strangers… we could have all gotten really sick.

But no one in our entire extended community has been seriously ill. Thank you.

Thank you for warning us, even if we didn’t completely understand what you were saying at the time.

Feel free to say I “quaran-told you” as many times as you like. You’ve earned that.



  1. How lovely! Sometimes I think we don’t notice their guidance because it’s either so subtle we miss it or we’re just not able to do so, but why not give them the benefit of the doubt and say thanks anyway?

  2. thank you for reminding me right after my meditation and me thanking Hermes of all the reasons I love these Gods the way I do

  3. I am currently in a “I don’t want to worship deities right now” phase/cycle/thing so your first sentence hit me hard! Thanks for sharing that.

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