Last year at Pantheacon, there was a huge Hellenic trance party. Dionysos, Ariadne, Bacchic Apollon, and Pan all came to visit for the evening. It was… intense.

A Gardnerian popped in, and asked, “how are you doing this level of trance without casting a circle?”

The warder answered, “the room is warded.”

Now, a completely reasonable thing, within the context of the Wiccan faith, is to say, “this is how it pleases the Lord and Lady to work with us. I notice that your faith is different.” That’s chill. And you know what, if you are Wiccan, and you’ve got something worked out with a Greek deity that you are going to work with them in a Wiccan way, that’s fine, too.

Where I get off the bus is when we start to assume that all people and all deities need someone’s trad-specific tech in order to do their work. This goes for the people who insist that it’s unsafe to work with deities –even Greek deities– except through dead people, the people who think that all traditions need to be using Wiccan tech, the people who think that you are a spiritual failure unless Jesus is your intermediary, and the Hellenes who think that deities don’t manifest because miasma prevents them from being able to do so (“y’all motherfuckers need khernips”).

To believe that deities need your tech in order to function is to place yourself above them. 

To believe that other humans need your specific path in order to succeed in their relationships with deities, and that they are going to fail if they do not do exactly as you have done is to place yourself above both the humans and the gods in question. 

Listen, ritual tech is great. I love it. The more the better. I love mystical ceremony. That stuff is there to beautify your devotion. It’s meant to elevate the level of hospitality you are offering to the gods. Maybe, if it’s done very thoughtfully, it can also help you to communicate your intentions more clearly, or help you focus. But there is no successful mysticism unless you trust the deities you work with, have faith in their wisdom, and believe that they have the power to keep you safe.

If you don’t have deities in your life that you can build that sort of trust with, keep shopping around until you find deities you can actually work with.

But as for those deities you cannot work with? Just let them be themselves, far away from you. It doesn’t mean that they’re flawed, or that you are flawed. It just means that you aren’t compatible. And that’s ok.

It’s a lot more OK than trying to control them.