From the shocking spike in traffic, I’m guessing people like the new site layout. Now, you can look at years worth of my posts without scrolling, and you can see all of my featured images. And I can freely be embarrassed about stuff I wrote over five years ago! Hooray!

If a Big Company offers a “free” service, the service is not the product: you are.

You may have noticed that I am playing with a “members section.” Don’t worry, Polytheist Central Authority (aka the people that need to start a flamewar anytime anyone looks like they might accomplish something for the broader community) this is really just for me and my personal friends, as a way to keep in touch off facebook.  Well, it will be once I figure out how the heck it works.

I’m weaning myself off of Facebook. I believe that the platform is detrimental to our health and to society. Rather than prove my point with scientific studies and personal testimonies: try not using Facebook for 48 hours. Count the number of times you have to immediately close it after unconsciously going to open it. See how many times you have to start that 48 hour period over, and see how much better you feel once you’ve detoxed for two days. Ad-supported social media has issues.

Upcoming Adventures!

And there’s a calendar. I’ve wanted one of those on my site for a long time. The events listed there are things I am doing that might be of interest to people. These include parties, trance devotionals, classes, and other things. Specifically, these are in-person things in Santa Clara County, CA. There may also be things happening in Siesta Key, FL, in the late Autumn and early Winter of 2018, in the Metro-Boston area periodically, and in the vicinity of Austin, TX in early Spring of next year. It honestly depends on whether or not I can arse people I already know in whichever vicinity to have something of an adventure with me.

If a specific address is ever listed, feel free to show up. If you see something that interests you and an address isn’t listed, you can contact me privately and tell me why you’d like to go. If you seem cool and not like a huge jerk, I’ll probably tell you where to meet up with us. Provided that I see your email in time, and also that we are meeting in a public place.