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Because some people are really going to want to sum me up in a sound bite, without actually reading all of my weighty, intellectual blog posts, or thinking very deeply about the methods I employ, I’m going to craft a blurb that is at least reasonably accurate:

Thenea creates rituals and ritual tech in response to the needs of practitioners or the dictates of mythos. Some of these techniques are Golden Dawn or other Ceremonial Magic techniques with their symbolic, mystery and theological components removed. Others simply employ a ceremonial aesthetic, using innovations like using imagined color, images or glyphs, built in real-space to deeply engage the imagination in the work at hand, mingling it with the mind’s conception of physical space. She likewise employs vibration (the use of sung, rather than spoken words) in some places.

Many of her new rituals take cosmology, iconography and ritual actions directly from ancient sources.  Despite using ancient texts and ceremonial traditions as a jumping-off point, Thenea views crafting ritual not as tradition, but as art. Just as with the creation of any poem, painting or song, the artist draws on a toolkit of techniques created by people who came before, but the product is nonetheless new, and can be said to belong to no one but the composer, painter, writer or theurg. 

Despite all of this, she is not trying to start a tradition. Her hope, instead, is to show, in a more or less open way, how ritual traditions are created in the European mystical tradition sometimes called the Western Mystery Tradition (whose contributors include Greece, Italy, France, Spain, Germany and Britain, among others), and maybe to present a few ritual tools that are useful to practitioners.

TL;DR: Thenea believes that Polytheists who want to practice ceremonial-style theurgy should not be relegated to putting Polytheistic window-dressing on a monotheist/monist store front. They should have stuff that deeply resonates to their own theology and symbolism. 

Of course, to be fair, there are also a lot of Greek deities telling me, “Now do this!” or giving input in other ways. To say that no part of what I do was given to me by the deities I work with would be a lie.

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