You guys. Look.

There is nothing wrong with being ordinary.

Ordinary is most people. If you think about it, greatness is really a measure of “being better than everyone else.” If everyone was just as good at painting as Rembrandt, that level of skill wouldn’t mean much. If having an exceptional skill was common, there would be nothing exceptional about it.

Some people have this idea that the gods only want exceptional people. That’s not true.

In some traditions, the point isย that you have this small group of secret, elite folk who do special stuff for special, secret deities. Hellenismos is mostly an exoteric faith. It’s meant to be followed by normal people. It’s a city religion. It’s a religion meant to be followed by thousands, or millions, not dozens. We’re not looking for perfect people, or even exceptional people, we’re just looking for people who love us.

We don’t need people to be super learned. We don’t need people to be super anything.

I, personally, do not care if your interpretation of me is primarily founded on Hesiod and Homer, or if your vision of me comes from a Percy Jackson novel. Elitism and snobbery are pretty much not in my nature. I love that children who are playing in the streets are shouting my name and the names of my siblings in play.

Whoseover connects to this pantheon in the spirit of joy and love will be accepted.

Stop trying to inflate your own importance by claiming otherwise.