Snark From The Lady of Darkness: Hekate on Mediocrity

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Given a choice between mediocrity and excellence, most mortals will choose mediocrity.

Excellence requires sacrifice, discomfort, hard work.

Yet the prayers of their hearts demand from us that their station be elevated, their import be known. Some people are so unable to be happy without external validation that it is often a greater cruelty to leave them be than to cause the strife necessary to propel them to greatness.

But of course, then it’s our will. It’s us, causing them strife and grief. Because we have this great plan for them, and they didn’t choose greatness for themselves.

This is why we can’t have nice things.


  1. Maybe I’m a little different, but I’m willing to do the work. It’s just that the work is so very often MORE than I had envisioned in my wildest dreams, and takes longer than I ever thought possible, and involves more sacrifices and pain than I had thought possible. I’m willing to do the work….but maybe it’s just better if the Gods don’t let me know what I’m in for when I start….

  2. I was just speaking to a friend about this. Actually, we constantly have conversations about this. Thanks for posting this on your blog.

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