Apologies Re: Sudden Site Update

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I didn’t realize that the site downgrade would happen within hours. You’ll notice that all of the social media features of the site have been deleted.

There are some several reasons for the downgrade. The main one is money. My life has suddenly gotten much more expensive than anticipated, and the funds were simply not there.

For anyone considering BuddyPress: DO NOT. I want to stress that almost as soon as the site feature opened up, I had not hundreds, but thousands of requests to join by people with usernames like shtrsj@gynkystx.com. I was swamped. There was no easy way to find requests by the twenty or so people I actually wanted to be involved. My email inbox was completely full of such requests. I would get a Mail notification every five minutes about it.

To all of you who had hoped it would be a cool and fun thing, I am sorry.








  1. Hi.

    I would be obliged to let you know that the new second season of the popular Netflix series ‘Dark’ had a random subtitle referencing “Ariadne”. The first season referenced this name in a drawing, also. Magickfromscratch.com is the only other place I have read this name, and came directly to mind both times. I would guess it is a direct reference and will be driving traffic to your site for awhile.

    I would suggest setting up a Very Easy way to donate money (say $20-$100) to you via credit card to support your work. For the Cause.

  2. Although I am unskilled with words and reading, I did see something about Ariadne being the wife of Bacchus / Dionysus.

    I have a lovely book in my closet equating both with the original Jesus / Yaeshua Christ (who would be about as related to the Roman Catholicism of my unfortunate upbringing and its offshoots as the Hindu Good Luck Cross is to Hitler).

    Ariadne Christ. Female Savior. Higher Form incarnated upon/through my physical Significant Other, tonight. ❤ ❤ ❤

    I knew someone who I think practiced Wicca with Yaeshua Christ as the God current and "Sophia Christ" as the Goddess current. Interestingness.

    Your articles on apotheosis and gnosis really helped me. Thank you.

    1. The plain text of the myths does not render her as Christlike, but the way she manifests at the Revel, when we’re doing oracular trance with her, is definitely a manifestation overflowing with love and mercy toward humankind. “I was human. I know how hard it is. But you cannot treat other people like that, for your own sake. Power comes from good will.”

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