Harmonia and Hephaistos

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I. Harmonia

Who fucked you?
It wasn’t me.
Why then, this cursed jewel?

Who wronged you?
Was it my mother?
Your brother?


It was he who sold you a lie
That Passion would wear chains
That Heart could be kept indoors

She was drawn, my mother, from the sea
But she is a raging conflagration
Place her in your prison
And she will burn it to the ground
As surely things fall when dropped

The one who told you that Love
Could be bought and sold
It was he, he who wronged you
We both know who I am talking about
Why then, this robe, dipped in crime?

I am Peace.
Do you wish to War with me?
I am Harmonia.
Would you send me away from the gods?
I am Concord
Between fellows
Between gods and men
Between you and your own broken heart

Know this, uncle of mine:
I never stay where I am not wanted

II. Hephaistos

I know what Zeus was thinking
As he watched me work the forge
If such a fire could be contained
So could She

Yes, she did
She burned my house down
And my heart
My dignity, too

But Zeus didn’t wrong me
He couldn’t have known better
What does he know of fire?
His lightning was a gift
A purchased bauble
But I knew.

I burned myself.
Against my better judgement.
I knew what I was looking at.
But in that moment
I chose to be a moth.

That jewel’s not cursed
That robe’s not dipped in crime
It’s just imbued with your divinity

Gentle Harmonia, your Godhead
– Thrashes –
They who use power to oppress
Until there is nothing left
But tears and bleeding
Smoking ash and rubble
Rent garments and cautionary tales

And your descendants
Were royal.


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