Online Psychic Self Defense Class? 

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Quick query: If I were to host an online physic self-defense and gnostic trouble-shooting class on Skype, is there anyone here who might be interested? 

The course would be four weeks, once a week, and $40, sliding-scale for registration. [About ten bucks a class.] 

Saturday nights, 8pm-Midnight. Worth it to me if I can get 5 or more people to commit. Comment here if you might do this either for November or December. 


  1. I’m interested, though I can’t guarantee to commit at this very moment (mostly financial issue, partly scheduling).
    Question, though: what timezone are you in?

  2. Me! I would! Yeah! That’s a really affordable price compared to everything else I have seen out there. The hours would be difficult for me, given that I live in EST. I’d try hard to make it work because I feel the class would be/is worth my time.

  3. Sounds fantastic. I don’t fall into the no-prior-training category, but I’m very much open to all options right now when it comes to the subject matter, even if that means revisiting basics that I might be overlooking myself. And certainly your price is fair… The only problem is that I work Saturday nights. Any chance you might be able to make recordings available to those of us who can’t work out the timeline?

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