Curating — Posts to be deleted

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This is a note of apology:

If anyone has linked to posts of mine, or re-blogged any posts of mine which are “off-topic” for my blog, they are going to be deleted starting on Monday, August 3rd.

This includes:

– Random poems not specifically about magic or mysticism

– Anything political in nature

– Posts which are notices for events that have already occurred

– Past posts about the intended direction of this blog

If there are any posts of mine that you think fall into this category which you want to retain for your personal records (or as evidence against me in future 😉 ), please take note and download them over the weekend.

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  1. Thank you for the heads-up … and I’m looking forward to seeing what your more concentrated approach to posts about magic or mysticism yields (with the passion you put into your writing, I’m looking really forward to this) 🙂

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