Having a Pro-Choice Philosophy regarding relationships with deities does not mean…

  • That everything is always easy
  • That the deity never makes any mistakes
  • That the mortals and deity are always nice
  • That the mortal and deity are equals
  • That no one is a slave or a sub in the relationship
  • That the deity isn’t allowed to represent their assigned part of the universe
  • That the deity has to stop being themselves for the mortal
  • That the deity doesn’t engage in whatever annoying personal habits they might have as a result of their personality.
  • That the deity wouldn’t be sad if the mortal left
  • That the relationship isn’t serious

It just means that the mortal and the deity are both there because they choose to be. End of statement.

It means that when a mortal is not being left alone by a deity when the answer is truly no, being dragged in a direction that isn’t healthy, or not being allowed to leave, this is considered a problem. It means that, as clergy people, we need to restore autonomy to the human, and dignity to the deity by resolving the problem in a way which ideally compromises neither.