Words from Hermes: Don’t Let the D*cks get Ya Down

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No, you don’t need to justify yourself to someone who is being shitty to you.

You just don’t.

Every single person is a unique and special snowflake. Everyone is good for something.

But really, when a person is being a shit, you have to ask yourself: “Am I ever going to get a return on this investment that makes up for what I am putting in?”

Are you? Are you ever going to break even on that shitty person?

If the answer is no, smile, and walk the fuck away. Don’t get revenge; you’ve spent enough already.

Course, if you steal their family jewels on the way out… I’ll look the other way.

:: looks around :: I hope he’s not talking to me.


  1. I was shown this today while at work; even passed the on-coming happening, it unfolded today, my dream, two managers were speaking to me about my job position. I’ve always worked so hard for this company, once as a cashier for over a year, got so many compliments, I was extremely happy, until one day, I decided I needed something more. I was asked for a raise, new position, but unfortunately I was away at surgery. When I came back there was a new store manager who had no idea whom I am. When this decision occurred once more, I was placed as a baker, with no “promise pay raise.” I could not do everything that was asked of me due to my tennis elbow, but I always harmed my elbow trying to do so anyway. I was told, I was not doing enough, and if I continue, they will fire me. Like in my dream, I couldn’t see why I was about to be fired, I had every legit reason to be there and not be there. I walked away, handwriting my two-week notice to them both, walking away with my chin held high. I was basically being treated pretty “shitty” in other words for I had weak elbows, a second job, which is full time and demands me to wake early the next morning, even more, my department manager was there, telling me, even the new girl can do more than I can do in 4 hours and 30 minutes. I replied with a thoughtful, “Hm.” to my manager, for I trained her and he just stated he loved her, worse, he named her off as “new girl” and it made the other manager cross her arms, making a face to the ceiling as she quietly thought, “Why would you say this right now!? Argh!” I turned and went back to my busy job. After work, I bought a notebook and lovely set of pens from them, with their discount card, writing a handwrote two-week notice. I even smiled as I read over what I wrote out twice, walking confidently and happily to the manager, who frowned at this, but he told me the truth, “Do what ever it is that makes you happy, Amber.” For I wrote that I left to pursue my dreams. I wrote a pretty darn good letter, and I get triple the amount for working Tuesdays at my other job, and I walked away, happy with my decision.

  2. Though, I did get my own revenge by buying things there while using the store discount that employees get by my own choice, lol. I did pretty good there, lol.

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