The Fall of the Minoans

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City streets under a pale and hollow moon
In a hazy, starless sky
Busy streets
Ox-cart windings paved over
Signs slapped on backward
This is the labyrinth
Surrounded by dirty water

She knows the score
Knows every twist and turn
Pale face
A movie screen for the dancing colors
Blue, orange and yellow
Stark light
Makes her round face all angles and lines
She pulls down the brim of her fedora
Straightens her trench coat
Lights up a cigarette and spits
This is the Holy Maid.

People rush by her and curse
The crowd is an angry swarm
Each individual person furious for a different reason
The breath of the crowd can be seen on the wind
It’s a time of tyrants
In Heaven and on Earth
A time where the villains are too big
Too far away to trample
A time when wearing a face
That authority hates
Can be a death sentence

His steps are light as he walks
Apart from the crowd
Wearing the face authority hates most
His white teeth shine purple under a neon sign
Brown skin
Red lipstick
Long dress to flatter his ample curves
Made of soft blue cotton and bright beadwork
A corona of wild, happy hair
He follows his bliss
This is the Bull God

On a street corner,
Clad in starched navy
Gun in a holster at her thigh
Blonde hair pinned back
Brim of her cap pulled down
The light catches the silvery band
Shining brightly
Her cold grey eyes look tired
This is the huntress
The Maid of Animals

Now the Bull God sees The Holy Maid
In the middle of that labyrinth
Knows he’ll be a sacrifice
One way or another
Tonight, or tomorrow night, or the night after
For some reason, or for no reason
He’s tired of being afraid
Her eyes meet his
A smile exchanged
He hastens his step to stand beside her
Holds out an open container on the streets of Boston
Grin on his face
They drink

Now tired eyes so cold and grey
Spot the couple so mismatched
She knows what the law is
Knows the rules of engagement
Clicks on her flashlight

“Is this… man? Bothering you?”
Asks the Huntress
Says the Bull God:
“I know why you’re here.
Did you put on those vestments…”
He points,
“…To sanctify what you will do to me, now?”
And the light of the torch flickered.

Says the Holy Maid:
“I know the oath you swore
To serve
To protect
But that’s not what Authority wants you to do.
With your flickering torch
And bright coif
Be lawless for the cause of good.”

Now here comes her partner
A bald man with no eyebrows
A square face chiseled from stone
Lips like a bull-dog
Sees the dark brown man with light brown bag
Snarls in disgust undisguised
The brightly coiffed huntress yells back
He pushes, She pushes
The crowds hustle and cast glances

Says the Holy Maid to the Bull God,
“Let’s GTFO.”

They are lost in the chaos.
Hop in a black ’99 Camry
See that Huntress fighting
She’s dragged away from the crossroads
Carried on the back of another police-woman
The stone-faced man is bleeding.

And this was the beginning of the end
This was how it fell
The Minoan Empire
And the religion of human sacrifice
When the people looking on
Lost respect for the rule of law
Because law was unjust
When the Mistress of Animals
Became Lawless Hekate
When the Lady of the Labyrinth
Became Ariadne
So that the Bull God
At long last
No longer had to die.


    1. Why thank you! Actually, I thought of you when I wrote it, something to the tune of, “I wonder how on point my identifications of Greek deities with Minoan deities actually are, and whether or not the narrative I’m telling is anything that would resonate with the truth… I bet that Linear B, Knossos and Mycenae guy would know!” But after all, I decided that I was trying to write a poetic commentary on modern day police brutality and hate-culture, and decided not to bug you. 😉

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