My Technical Skills Are Experiencing a Suck

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So, I recently updated my Crossroads Project.

Unfortunately, I scheduled it for the past. That’s right, the publish date is before I even finished writing it, so it doesn’t show up first on my page.

I’m feeling a push to try and finish up this project soon, because Ariadne has a ritual project she wants me to work on. You’ll Love/Hate it. It’s all about symbolic apotheosis, the Divine Self (or Godself), reconciliation with the Higher Will, and manifesting your highest aspects in day to day life.

But I know me. If I don’t finish my old project before starting the New Shiny, I will never finish anything. If I put off starting until I’m done, Ariadne will keep bombarding my unconscious mind with new and awesome ideas while she waits.


Stay tuned.

Also, please enjoy this picture of a hamster eating a miniature slice of pizza.


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