The Physical Manifestation Spectrum

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I have been trying to find a way to express this idea of deities as physically manifest entities. It’s a bit intimidating for me, because it isn’t something I hear anyone else talking about. I feel a little crazy. Even when testing the waters, when I start to talk about it, people immediately assume that I am talking about possession. I’m not. It may be a type of trance, I really don’t know, but it has nothing at all to do with horsing or carrying.

I’m not saying that I at all know what causes this, or that I have any control over when it happens, or that I even have the slightest inkling about what makes it more likely to happen, but I have seen and felt deities physically manifest without a human proxy. The things I do know are what I’ve done that has halted the unfolding of a manifestation in its tracks.

I am going to try and outline the spectrum of experiences that I have had, and hopefully try to make sense of it, somehow.

Here are the stages:

Anticipation. Have you ever had the experience where you were sitting with your eyes closed, and you could feel someone looming over you? You weren’t seeing them, exactly, and maybe you didn’t hear them, they certainly weren’t touching you, but you could somehow feel them moving closer? That feeling you get, as that person is moving a finger toward your face, even though they have not yet poked you, is similar to the feeling that I am describing. I may or may not get an energy signature or a “presence” at this point in time. I may not know which entity it is, hovering over me. Energetically, or psychically, I may feel nothing at all.

Shivers, chills and color flashes. The feeling is a little like goosebumps, I guess. If you have ever spoken an invocation, and felt your skin shiver or tingle, you know what I’m talking about. This may or may not be accompanied by somewhat localized flashes of color appearing randomly in the air — easy to mistake for tracers (what you experience, for example, when you stare at a white piece of paper and then into a darker area), except that it can occur even when you have been in complete darkness for quite some time.

Highly located shivers or chills and color flashes. You have that same sense of skin-shiver or skin-tingle, but it is curiously located, such as being on one of your arms, or a single leg, or just in one spot of your forehead. Color flashes take on a humanoid (or other appropriate) shape but are fleeting. At this point, I think, it is easier for things to progress if you keep still, calm and quiet, while remaining alert and focused on your physical senses. Going into a trance state does not facilitate the development of the manifestation. I find that making an offering will likewise halt the progression.

Details begin to resolve. That skin-shiver or tingle may take on the exact shape of a human hand. The color flashes include a discernible outline of the entity’s characteristic staff or other garment. Ever think you heard your cellphone ring, but really, you didn’t? You might think you heard the entity say something, in a similar way. Again, I have found that getting excitable halts the development of the manifestation. If you were sitting on a fallen tree in the middle of the forest, and a deer started to inch over to you, any sound or sudden movement might cause them to bolt. Try not to tense up. In my experience, deities especially are very concerned that, during this process, they might hurt or scare you. Any sign that you are distressed will send them running.

Details solidify. Rather than a shiver or a tingle, you might faintly feel skin brushing against skin. It has, at this point in time, no sense of weight or permanence, for lack of a better description. Color flashes have solidly resolved into the image of the entity, though parts of the image may seem out of proportion, and will almost certainly be translucent. You may hear their voice, seldom above a whisper, or footsteps, perhaps sounding like they are far away, while being right there. At this point, the manifestation is going to be somewhat stable, but still, don’t make any sudden movements. You no longer need to focus on staying calm. Being excited is ok. Wiggling your toes or shifting the position of your arms, slowly, is ok. Be careful not to try to touch the manifestation at this point, because, even though they can touch you, if you try to touch them, your hand will pass right through, which will trigger cognitive dissonance, and the manifestation will vanish.

Reality concedes defeat. The entity appears and feels fully solid, complete with apparent weight, and their voice is very clear, but the environs no longer look quite right. The colors of the room are off. The outlines of solid objects may wiggle. Smaller objects may appear to vanish from the environment. Your thoughts are clear, and you are fully yourself, but your ability to move your physical body may be impaired. It is totally ok to shift positions and move at this point, or to touch the entity. They will feel completely solid to the touch. Even a bear hug won’t cause the manifestation to budge. You can speak, if you are able. If the deity feels fully solid, but has manifested behind you, I advise you not to turn around. Wait for them to come around to your front. They may have manifested behind you for your safety. I get the sense that deity bodies may be more than 3 dimensional. Parts of their bodies may strangely shrink and grow without moving or losing solidity. Having once looked at a deity who appeared to exist in the physical plane in a way that I could only describe as, “insulting to Euclidian geometry,” I do not actually recommend the experience.


As a sort of disclaimer, all of my experiences with this have been private. I’m rather interested to know if it is possible to have these experiences with multiple humans present. Just in writing this, I have clarified some ideas in my head about what to try next, so, if nothing else, I have found writing this out to be very helpful.


  1. Have you read Book 2 of Iamblichus’ On the Mysteries? It’s a fascinating, detailed account of the differences in how Gods, angels, daimons and heroes manifest themselves. It would be really interesting to see how these descriptions compared with your own experiences.

    1. So, particularly interesting, so far:

      “The other, the race of dæmons, which is closely allied to the gods, yet is in a certain sense inferior to them, following as though it was not first in rank but accompanying in subservience to the good pleasure of the gods. This race causes the otherwise invisible goodness of the gods to become visible in operation, becoming itself both assimilated to it, and accomplishing perfect works that are like it. For then what was before unutterable in it is made capable of being uttered, what was without form is caused to shine forth in visible figures, whatever of it was beyond all reasoning is brought forth into plain words, and having already received the connate participation of beautiful gifts it bestows the same ungrudgingly, and transfers them to the races that rank after itself.”

      Which actually seems to suggest that the gods, themselves, are utterly without form, and summon the daemons around themselves in order to become visible. This seems like a very good angle to explore, if what a mortal wants to do is help when a deity is trying to manifest. Of course, that might not be *quite* what is being said there.

      Another interesting idea seems to be that the gods are “superior and perfect” and humans are “inferior and imperfect” — This, I do not agree with. Rather, I would say that the wisdom and goodness of deities is more, and the wisdom and goodness of humans is less, the physical power of humans and their influence over matter is greater, and the physical power of gods and their influence over matter, at least as we understand it, is lesser. The gods complete the large brush-strokes, and the humans complete the small brush-strokes. Deities can be prone to overlooking fine details, humans, conversely, are often oblivious to the big picture.

      It is for this reason that humans and deities are happiest when working in tandem with one another. Each completes the other. Also, just as a part of their job is to painstakingly impart us with wisdom (sometimes with a rubber mallet), our job is to extend their influence in the physical world.

      Just a cursory reading, and my initial reactions. I will certainly look forward to reading this source in more depth.

      1. Which actually seems to suggest that the gods, themselves, are utterly without form, and summon the daemons around themselves in order to become visible. This seems like a very good angle to explore, if what a mortal wants to do is help when a deity is trying to manifest. Of course, that might not be *quite* what is being said there.

        Actually, I think that this is very much the sort of thing Iamblichus would be interested in. One would indeed cultivate a God’s daimonic “entourage” in order to facilitate “thicker” sorts of psychical manifestation.

        I also would say that your remarks on the relationship between humans and the Gods and their relative perfection are closer to the spirit of what Iamblichus is saying than one might think from the idiom in which he expresses himself here. For example, Iamblichus asserts that once we reach a sufficient degree of actualization of our own human potential, we play an important role in helping the Gods to administer the cosmos, precisely because of the things we can do, as embodied mortal souls, and that the Gods cannot.

  2. You are on the right track. I think that our Deities/GOD (depending on whom or how many we follow and honor) should be thought of in a physical sense as well as a spiritual. There are many of us who have actually interacted with them on many levels and there are those who will not talk about it thinking perhaps it is not real, or a coincidence, or even that it is a bit intimidating. Don’t despair. You are a good writer and state your case with wisdom. Keep up the great work!

      1. I have been on this earth over 50 years and I will tell you if you don’t have a bit of crazy in you, you won’t survive. PLUS I too have had those experiences. You are learning and everyone has similar experiences, it is how you handle them that makes or brakes you … Hope that was clear, but sometimes I do tend to ramble. 🙂

      1. Thank you for this. There has been a lot of talk about manifestation of spirits, mainly Goetia though, so hearing one talk about the same possibilities with gods is awesome and opens up directions I am more interested in. My compass it set. May the blessing of the gods be with you

      2. Thank you for this. There has been a lot of talk about manifestation of spirits, but mainly with Goetia. Your post opens up possibilities. May the blessings of the gods be with you

  3. Hello Thenea, this is the only place on the internet I’ve found that talks about physical manifestation, and I’d like to run something by you. About five or six years ago, while I was consistently feeling that ‘someone watching me’ feeling you’re describing in the first phase of physical manifestation, my left shoulder blade suddenly felt a sharp sting as though I had pulled a muscle (when I wasn’t doing anything to explain it). After a few weeks it stopped hurting all the time, but ever since then that point has stung or tingled or felt as though the skin and muscles beneath are crawling whenever someone Over There -particularly Set, although that could be because he is the deity I talk to the most often- is talking to me, or trying to get my attention. I have felt ‘astral touches’ all over my body, but this is the most common and long-lasting spot for this kind of contact.
    I have experienced one more intense kind of physical manifestation (usually when I am lying down and trying to sleep), but it’s hard to describe other than feeling like some kind of invasive energy from behind me that causes a similar, more intense skin-crawling feeling, to the point that I’m physically incapable of lying or standing still, but have to flinch away from it.
    I was wondering if you have any idea or theories about what may have happened, or what may be happening still, with….all that. It doesn’t bother me necessarily, but I am burningly curious about it as I have no explanation for it other than “woo astral bullshit”. In fact, it was actually the reason why I finally accepted that something paranormal was going on, since I refused to believe anything for the longest time.

    1. Huhm. This may begin to answer a question I have had for a while: why do some people experience physical manifestation, and others, no matter how well-loved by their gods, no matter how powerful they may be as magicians, simply do not.

      It may be that there is some kind of barrier around individuals. In fact, I would wager, around MOST individuals, which interferes with manifestations.

      It could be that someone from the other side experimentally, and artlessly, punched through part of yours.

      1. Yeah, that sounds like Set. I’ve been told by a couple trusted diviners that Set probably damaged my “energy body” and has been trying to help me fix it since then.
        I’m going to keep expirementing, since just writing down your First Ritual of the Five Senses and making a sigil for pleasant astral sensations (but not even performing the ritual or charging said sigil) allegedly let Loki make contact that felt energetic, but much more like a friendly pat on the back than what I’m used to.

  4. Thenea Oh My God I’m Freaking Out Right Now

    I have actual photographic evidence that magic is real, and I got it after I did a spell based at least somewhat on your Five Rituals post (the Gold one I think). I liveblogged every step of an execration ritual I did two nights ago, including taking a video of me ripping up, soaking with germ-x, and burning several pamphlets with the names of our enemies on them. Yesterday, I found 6 out of 9 of those pamphlets sitting in neat piles around my trailer.

    I’m about to publish a post on it on WP, it’ll have a link to the tag on my tumblr if you’d like to see for yourself.

  5. That pingback is to the WP post, it has links to the my tumblr and the tag i was using….i also recorded dashomancy and shufflemancy.
    can you help either confirm or debunk this? and do you know about physics theories to explain this at all??????

    1. Ok, so, let’s see if we can debunk this. If we can’t, we can reasonably assume that it had to do with the ritual.

      Am I understanding corrrectly that you burned these pamphlets, watched until they were finished burning, confirmed visually that they had been destroyed after the fire went out, then found them whole? Or did the fire simply not consume them?

      You mentioned soaking them in stuff. Did any of it have an alcohol base? Try soaking a similar pamphlet in the same substances, lighting it on fire in a non-magical context, and see if this can be explained chemically.

      As for confirmation: did the pamphlets that you found unburned have the writing you put on them?

      If you indeed confirmed that they were the identical pamphlets, and that they were burned, and then found them unharmed, that is NEXT LEVEL creepy and awesome! And from there, I have some theories about why this, why you, and what it means.

      1. I have pictures of me ripping them up, putting them in a goblet, soaking it in germ x, and it being on fire. it burned for a long time and i had to keep taking it out and rearranging it, so i have a LOT of pictures of that, and a video of it burning. I burned it until it was soggy ash and then i threw the soggy ash away in the trash, and took out the trash; pretty much standard procedure for an execration.

        not only did they have the writing on them, THE DUST BOWL ONE HAD THE FIRST BURN. i tried to use a lighter and it didn’t catch, that’s why i used the only flammable thing i could find (germ x).

        please tell me all the theories i’m sitting here quietly losing my shit

      2. Ok, that’s manifestation, then!

        The very first question to ask is not what the gods were thinking, but why manifestation was possible around you at that time.

        You say “I’m not powerful or pious” — but actually, that is, more often than not, the circumstances under which wild manifestation occurs. It almost never happens around those who are “following the rules” of whatever tradition it is they follow. People far more devout than me have made supplications to my gods and swear up and down that the manifestations I have seen just aren’t possible.

        Of those magicians I have known, such things are more common amongst neophytes than Adepti.

        Piety is a barrier to knowing the gods. Magical training, as it exists in the modern day, does the opposite of drawing out people’s magical potential.

        “Set is pissed off about the dust bowl” is a really great read of what the specific manifestation might mean, but if you let this make you very religious, you will probably never see anything like this happen again.

      3. Did that, and, predictably, large numbers of people are rage-skimming and sending me rude messages.

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