Hermes: The World Sucks Right Now. Everything Will Be Ok.

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You guys, we need to have a heart to heart. I know that the political scene on the whole damned planet looks grim, but you are all going to be ok. 

I have lived through eras where slavery was normal. I have been worshipped in eras when female human beings were considered to not have souls by certain deep-thinking individuals. I lived next to Sparta. I lived in Sparta. I saw Rome rise, with bloody death in its wake. I saw Rome fall with even bloodier death. 

Yet you are still here.

War sucks. War is normal. It’s who you are. It’s who you have always been. Every time you strategize about how to get power over another human being, you are acting on that identical impulse that leads to War. 

Oppression sucks. Oppression is normal. That’s who you are. You want to be in charge? You want people to do what you say without having to reciprocate, either by paying them or by returning the favor? You have just given in to that impulse which leads to slavery. 

Bigotry sucks. It sucks HARD, but that is who you are, too. You put people into categories. You make decisions about people you hardly know based on stupid heuristics. You look down on people for reasons other than that they punched you in the face or stole your wallet, or did you some other grievous harm. You look for reasons why you are better, or more entitled, or justified in getting more than someone else. Every time you do that, you act out on the same impulses that fuel racial and religious and gender-based discrimination. 

You solve problems through “power,” when you should be solving them through understanding your situation and taking advantage of opportunities to nurture mutual empathy. 

And you know what? We love you anyway. I don’t care what Aristophanes said. We are not going to leave you and take off for the farthest parts of heaven to escape your bickering. We will always be here. But I’ll tell you what. Stop the War, the Oppression and the Bigotry in your own heart, and the gods will take up residence there, because a place without War, Oppression and Bigotry is an awesome place to have a sit and a bikkie.  

Truth is, you can’t control the world. Don’t even try. Control yourself. You’d be amazed how much of a difference that will make. Don’t worry about these things in the world. The world is not crumbling. The world is fine. It’s your societies that are crumbling. They do that. It’s a thing. Open a history book sometime. 

You have lived with these demons for 10,000 years. You’ll live with then for 10,000 more… provided that you don’t manage to change your ecosystem so profoundly that you can’t live on your planet anymore, and also, simultaneously, fail to colonize Mars. 

Stop freaking out. Freaking out does NOT solve anything. Find peace, tolerance, freedom and poise within, and spread it outward. Who knows? You may be the very next ruler to rise from the proletariat and stand up for the good and against the bad. 

Much love,

Your frazzled Herald. 


  1. I agree completely. People make things too complicated. I can add to that all the fuss about the planet. Like George Carlin said “the planet is fine, the people are fucked.”

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