A Dream of Fenrir

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Disclaimer: I am not Norse. This is not meant to accurately represent Norse mythology or any take thereon. It was just a dream I had, which I was inspired to render in poem form.

I dreamed a dream of Fenrir
Sharp teeth and tangled fur
And listened to him say a song
of all the wrongs that were

He sang the living and the dead
Bent under Odin’s heavy spear
Of the tyrants self-enthroned
Who rule the world with fear

He sang the starving huddled throngs
On every free and rocky shore
He sang of hearts as cold as stone
And growled, “What are hearts for?”

Injustices from all nine worlds
Were wreathed about his shaggy head
And furious breath made damp the air
As many rage-filled tears he shed

As soft as silk, as strong as steel
The white and gossamer strand
Entwined about his paws and chest
That forced that wolf in place to stand

And death comes not to god or king
Who sits on high, ill-gotten throne
For now is brutal justice stayed
But Fenrir does not howl alone

Each single soul that ever lived
And walked the earth’s broad back
Has borne within a Fenris wolf
Whom each did not permit attack

Like breath of fish or cat’s footfall
The silence of a righteous ‘man
Holds that mighty wolf at bay
It is the only thing that can

Against an evil worldly power
We must do more than howl or talk
But raise a hand, commit to fight
Our heart’s own Ragnarock.



Shortly after publishing this poem, I found this. It resonates. 

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