A Poem For Hermes

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And you would know
I suppose
What it is to represent:
Smiling, friendly face
Hiding sweaty palms
Speaking foreign tongues
Hoping you had that jiggered right.
Knowing what’s on the line:
The dignity of your race
The hope of your family

We stand cheek to cheek
I am human
An ephemeral race of spirit and sand
You would think
I would not be worth such trouble.

And you would know,
I suppose
What it is to beĀ vulnerable
Carrying something heavy
Pitted against too much
With too little on hand
Every card that has been dealt
A small paper catastrophe
And so, so many chips on the table.

Though I am tiny
I am a precedent
As you know,
The devil is in the details.
Yet we are still dancing.

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