Happy 4th

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On the 4th day of the 4th month in the modern calendar, I celebrate the birthday of Hermes. Before I write another thing, I want to stop and express my appreciation.

For the all people I’ve met

For the ideas they’ve given me

For all the things I learned this year

For the absurd happenings that you bring about

For the impossible happy endings that you’ve brought to all of my troubles

For telling me where my wallet was no less than 200 times

And also my keys

And also important papers that I thought I’d lost

For expressing your frustrations with me only in ways that make me laugh

For making sure that my bad driving didn’t end me

For my good fortune and fiscal stability

For six of the happiest years of my life

And some of the best arguments a person could have


Thank you.

I love you, Hermes. Happy birthday. 🙂

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